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Camping There are many types of camps available at Red White & Blue Beach. Many are under a tree canopy near the creek. Some are out in the sun (and wind!) with clear views of the ocean. Others are secluded from passers-by. The following areas are favorites of the regulars.
The Grove These camps border the creek and are typically protected from wind and direct sunshine. Labelled numbers 1 through 13, only cars and tents are allowed. Bridge from The Grove to The Letters
The Letters These camps are not usually opened until The Grove is near capacity. These camps get more sunshine than The Grove. Only cars and tents allowed.
Lower Lot RVs and travel trailers fill this lot. It is home to the main campfire, where sing-a-longs fill the evening air. On some holiday weekends, guests will have a large potluck dinner, organize a raffle, hire a band, and party until past midnight. Only RVs and travel trailers allowed.
Seaside These four camps are distinctive for they have direct beach access and full sunshine. They are located between the Lower Lot and the Upper Lot, so it is usually easy to hear the sing-a-longs and laughter from the main campfire.
Upper Lot This lot has a limited amount of room for smaller RVs and travel trailers. It is near the north end of the beach, and it is the closest to the part of the beach that is protected from the wind by the cliffs. Fires and barbecues are prohibited.
The Meadow The Meadow provides a unique camping experience. Suitable for trailers and RVs, it is adjacent to a working farm. Some years the farmers grow pumpkins or brussells sprouts.
No Dogs are allowed at Red White & Blue Beach
Reservations are not accepted. First-come, first served
Red White & Blue Beach is closed to camping annually from Nov 1 through Feb 28.
Campers checking in before 3pm will be charged a Day Use fee.
All camps are provided on first-come, first-served basis.
Maximum length of stay is 14 consecutive days.
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